Lydia M. McDermott

Lydia M. McDermott is a rhetoric and composition scholar and professor at Whitman College. She is also the Director of the Center for Writing and Speaking.

Writing Centers in the Trump Administration

Everyone is posting eloquent, heartfelt responses to the election on Facebook. I haven't done this in part because I don't feel eloquent, and in part because I would just be talking to the people who like my posts (according to the corporate algorithm of Facebook) anyway. Of course, even fewer people are reading this currently, but I'm working on changing that.

I came back from an invigorating NCPTW conference focused on inclusivity in the writing center last weekend, primed to watch my tutors change the world. And then the election happened, and all of a sudden that felt like a larger undertaking. But they are still primed. And that is my job, in the face of this election and the future administration.

As we move forward, I think it is even more imperative that writing centers reach outside the confines of academia and into the communities in which we are situated. We need community bilingual writing centers in place to help empower writers who are disenfranchised more every day in the U.S.